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The North Pole is a slavery camp where Santa Claus whips all of the stupid little elves until they make toys. Santa makes billions of UnDollars by doing this. Many consider the North Pole to be the largest slave operation since Giygas enslaved the humans. The North Pole is located near Canada and Koridai.


The North Pole was founded by Santa Claus in the early 12th century. Back then, it was just an old video shame factory. But then Santa realized that Everybody was making video shames and Nobody was making old fashion toys. Santa realized how much money he could make, and he began the production of toys.

Santa later realized that he wasn't making any money because he gave it all to his employees. He fired them all (with real fire), and then went to Loompaland where he kidnapped a bunch of Oompa Loompas. He then took them down to the North Pole where he trained them all in toy making. He didn't even pay them in chocolate.

The Oompa Loompas, away from their natural habitat, evolved into a new species that was better at making toys. They were called the Toympa Loympas. Santa thought this was stupid, so he renamed them elves. Ever since then, the North Pole has been a slave camp for the elves.

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