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The North Korean flag.

North Korea is a country that was founded by Wario in 1642 and the opposite of South Korea. It was the result of the Korean War, which was fought entirely because of Wario's actions. North Korea used to be part of China, but they gave it to Wario so he could stink somewhere else. North Korea is now ruled by Wario's son Kim Jong-il, and is one of the most powerful and loserific natio


National Anthem of North Korea - I'm a Korean

ns in the entire UnWorld.


North Korea was founded by Wario shortly after the Korean War. He declared it "North" Korea not because it was north of South Korea, but because he always dreamed of going to the North Pole and meeting Santa Claus. Wario quickly established a powerful military for North Korea and saved all of the food for himself. King Pig later took Wario's food and ate it. And thus, King Pig became fat.

The more you know...

After his banishment from Mushroom Kingdom expired, Wario put Kim Jong-il in charge of North Korea. Jong-il still rules North Korea to this day, albeit as a ghost. Hungry Kim Jong-un attempted to take over North Korea several times, but he FAILED. North Korea is currently in an alliance with China and Big Super Happy Fun Fun Evil China Land.

On the Pizza Quality Index, North Korea ranks 69.