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North Hyrule's flag

A map of Hyrule

North Hyrule, also known as Holland, is a country in Hyrule ruled by Bowser the Koopa king and the capital of the Bowser Empire.

North Hyrule was founded during the Hyrulian Civil War. The King and Bowser with support from the Squadala Man were fighting in the war (Squadala Man worked for Bowser). After several thousand battles, the King was weakening. Bowser had just enough power to capture half of Hyrule, and made East Hyrule and North Hyrule.

Bowser let Squadala Man rule over East Hyrule (he later passed it onto Morshu, but that's not the point). Bowser set up his best castle here, and declared it one his primary country

Bowser UnWorld Terrotories are North Hyrule's dominator of conquered countries mostly in Africa.

Recently, North Hyrule was conquered by Japan, then it was conquered by Koridai. Dr. Robotnik tries to conquer the land a third time so he could launch ICBMs at UnAmerica, but it failed. After it was conquered, Bowser withdrew his forces, hoping to one day return to conquer the land with a V-4 Super Nuke. Bowser's Castle was destroyed by Japan's Samurai knights.

UPDATE: After a day after his country's defeat Bowser has recently turned into Eviler Bowser, and successfully won back the land and repair all of the damage that happened. Of course, he has also leveled it, but he owns it now! Go team Bowser!

NOW: Bowser has giving the people who invaded North Hyrule a slow and painful death as punishment. Also, Bowser has upgraded his castle to a better one. He has also declared war on Somalia.