North Brazil Flag

This is WAY too North Korea-esque for me...

North Brazil (Officially the Democratic People's Republic of Brazil) is the Juche portion of Brazil led by M. Bison. It borders West Brazil to the Southwest, and East Brazil to the Southeast. Though due to their landmasses, they prevent North Brazil from bordering South Brazil.

Its capital is Manaus.

Kim Jong-nam (Kim Jong-un's brother) lives in this place.


North Brazil

The exact location of North Brazil.

North Brazil was once united with West, East, and South Brazil as a federal democracy ruled by Dilma Rousseff. During February 5016 - June 5016, DipsyDiesel 10Bruticus, and M. Bison teamed up and went into war with Dilma Rousseff so they can have their own sections of Brazil for the each of them.

The war taking place during February 5016 - June 5016 was called the Brazilian Divide.



M. Bison, the dictator of North Brazil, he doesn't let people do ANYTHING.

Like all the every other portions of Brazil, the flag's design derives from the original flag of unified Brazil. Here, it is also designed after the flag of North Korea, with red star with the white roundel behind it, the red background, the white stripes, and the blue surrounding them.

Kim Jong-nam suggested the design of the flag since it is the Juche portion of Brazil.


North Brazil is a very Juche and atheist nation that does the same things that North Korea does. They don't let you play games of any kind (regardless if board game or video game), they don't let you use the computer (except for propaganda), they don't let you watch TV (other than propaganda), they don't let you believe in any religion other than their "own religion", Juche.

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