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North America is a silly little continent that thinks it is a big-boy continent. It is more north than South America, but it is not north enough to be cool. North America is not part of Europe, so not much happens here. The most interesting thing that ever happened was not Andrew Jackson, who died, but rather Paul Bunyan, George Washington, Tesla, Mr. Rogers, and Bill Gates.

North America was founded when Chuck Norris roundhouse kicked Pangaea, but then Everybody forgot about it. After the dinosaurs were killed by Chuck when he flung the asteroid, mammals such as early rhinos and elephants like Mammoths lived there. When the humans became the most powerful species ever, they started walking around. A few of them accidentally walked over the ocean and ended up in North America. That is how North America became a place with people in it.

The people of North America lived peacefully (meaning they were boring) until lots of guys from Europe came and attacked them. The Europe guys took over North America, and they became the modern North Americans we know today. Oh, and Canada was there.