Norris Chuck


Gender: Female
Hair color: Light Purple
Eye color: Purple
Species: N00b
Home: Known
Death: Eaten by Baby Yoshi
AKA: Poo
Likes: Being the worst man know to be alive
Education: N00bs educate him
Occupation: Being purple
Known For: N/A
UnRank: Infinity x Infinity x -2

Norris Chuck is a very weak man who is purple. He's also the most powerful human (and n00b) on the face of Loserland, but he doesn't talk about that. He is the exact opposite of Chuck Norris. He is also the head of the PagUns and arguably the least powerful, accomplished and awesome man alive.

The Story of How Dumb He is

It's called the dumb man. Once there was a dumb man, he was so dumb that everyone died, the end.

The Rest of his (Boring) Information

No one cares about his appearance. He wanted to be friends with Darth Vader, but Darth Vader didn't give a crap about Norris Chuck's request. He fails at Simon says. Po flew to another universe when Norris Chuck said hi to him. Not even Justin Beaver wants to sing to him.

When people see Norris Chuck

List of People that Hate Him

Who cares about this list, EVERYONE HATES HIM!

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