Noob Saibot about kick some ass!

Noob Saibot is a ninja , who used to be called Sub-Zero until some jerk named Scorpion dragged him to hell and killed him. He was going to be Sub-Zero again but then discovered that his younger brother became Sub-Zero so Noob decided to sit in hell with Bob Saget and Nobunaga Oda while plotting against Quan Chi.

Stuff when he was alive...the first time.

Basically Noob used be Sub-Zero who was a ninja...from China ...however that works. He was awesome until he killed Scorpion. Then Shang Tsung got him to fight in one of those pesky tournaments where he had a rematch with HELL...and got his face melted off, so he died.

As Noob

In Hell, Noob was brought back by the evil Quan Chi because he was awesome as Sub-Zero. At first Noob wanted to keep being called Sub-Zero but his younger brother started being called Sub-Zero so Noob instead was called Noob Saibot. He then sat in hell with Bob Saget and Nobunaga Oda while he plotted to kill Quan Chi...for some reason. Apparently it was to rule hell, so he's probably gonna kill the aforementioned Bob and Nobunaga during some epic power struggle...cause Hell looks cool and must be a cool place to rule.

Later days and Death...again.

So Noob attacked Quan Chi and kicked his ass before joining the big battle of Armageddon. He was then killed by Scorpion...again.

Other Stuff

  • Despite his name, Noob Saibot is NOT a N00b.
  • Noob looks epic and sounds epic.
  • He was ruler of Hell...for a day, before Bob Saget and Nobunaga ganged up on him.
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