Look into his eyes! Evil!

Noo-Noo (also known as Noo-Noo Mk II and later as Noo-Noo Mk III) is an evil vacuum cleaner robot that works for the Teletubbies and cleans up Teletubby Land and Tubby Tower for them. It secretly tries to take over the world itself, but its plans are so terrible, that nobody even notices them being done. He also stars in the Teletubbies TV series, where it is dubbed "NAUGHTY NOO-NOO!!"

He was created in Teletubby Land when Dipsy was trying to create a robot. He made this... thing. He gave it the job of cleaning up Teletubby land. It wanted to join the Teletubbies with a desire to kill humans. It tried shooting people, stabbing people, poisoning people, burning people, and even boring people until they died! None of its plans work though, because it's designed to clean things, and it ain't the sharpest tool in the shed. In fact, it can't even cut air. It enjoys sucking for a living, and nobody has yet to die from its sucking.

He also enjoys sucking people up. Mostly Children.
Noo noo suck

Noo-Noo being m e n a c i n g .

In 2015, he got a pink/orange paint job because REAL MEN WEAR PINK.

He also betrayed the Teletubbies and revealed the location of the Golden Pan to Captain 0 as revenge for its mistreatment, the Teletubbies really let him have it that time.
New noo



  • He's stupid.
  • He thinks he's yellow. What an idiot...
  • Everybody killed him during the hiatus. 
  • POOP
  • He was in World War 1000.
  • Grid knows of his existence and has a vendetta against him.
  • Kaptain Skurvy actually doesn't hate him. considering how he feels the same when it comes to Alt 2.0, one could say he likes robots a wee bit.
Final Smash Description
Garbage Disposal Unit Noo-Noo's brush thingy on his head grows a buzz saw blade, Noo-Noo grabs his brush and throws it. People get chopped up as the bladed brush glides through the air and eventually comes back to Noo-Noo.
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