Come Back!

Mario's No-Shave November's moustache

No-Shave November is a holiday that takes place throughout November in which people don't shave. Many people think the whole year is No-Shave November so they don't shave at all. Many people that think its always No-Shave November include Mario , Luigi , Mama Luigi , Squadala Man , and the King. Don't forget Weegee or else he will get you too!!!!! So in No-Shave November, they just get Lamp Oil from Morshu and drink it so they can grow their moustaches so it looks like they celebrate No-Shave November. However, Lamp Oil has no such affect and Morshu got RICHER.

History of No-Shave November

Last year, 3 high-schoolers named Logan , Ben , and Sam joined together to protest the rights of toilets at the school but then they had the idea of not shaving when they dropped their shaving cream into a school's toilet and tried to flush it down but instead it clogged the pipes and the school exploded. They wanted this to happen to other schools so they made this holiday up even though this was in May. It doesn't make any sense but who cares? It became an instant hit around the globe but not past the Enclosed Instruction Book .

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