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Wii with a Wii

Nintendo Wii is the name of some guy who ruled in Ancient Rome. It is also the name of a video shame console developed by Satoru Iwata and sold by Nintendo. It was originally going to be a car compacter, but Dora the Explorer made it burst into flames, and they had to start all over. When it was rebuilt, it was a shaming system.

The most popular feature about the Wii is the fact that the games aren't violent like Halo 2. In fact, the only violent game on the Wii is Wii Kill. Wii is also evil, because it is a shaming system that requires you to get off of your lazy butt, and actually exercise while you play. To be even more cruel, the Wii controllers look like TV remotes, just to trick lazy people into using them.

The Nintendo Wii was first created in 2005, but then a rouge Xbox 360 killed all Wii consoles, and production was delayed until 2011 after a cure was found for Xbox Criminal Syndrome. The Wii was a big hit, despite the fact that it had rabies.


  • Wii has the 2nd lowest UnRank out of all the guys and stuff in the UnUniverse. How low is this rank? -382901010193929182737.