Nintendo Shamecube

The Nintendo Shamecube

The Nintendo Shamecube is a shaming system ever made by Nintendo. It was created personally by Satoru Iwata. It was originally supposed to look like SpongeBob SquarePants (hence the "cube"), but everyone pointed out SpongeBob is pathetic, so it was made to look more like Doctor Square. But then he sued, so they just made it look like a cube.

Then, 3 months later, a cheese-eating robotic derp named WhatTheHia, or Hia for short, came along, took the Shamecube, got some metal, some purple paint & a crafting table, mashed it all together & invented the Nintendo Gamecube. Sales rocketed it for it. Nintendo tried to sue Hai, but the sue failed. Hai got so much money, he made Psygnosis. Nintendo tried to sue Psygnosis, & it only got sued halfway.

The Nintendo Shamecube was not made for any reason other than to load Iwata's pockets with more money than he would ever need. However, he was only able to sell fifty billion copies of the Shamecube, so he blew off all of the money on lottery tickets (he didn't win).

The Shamecube is generally considered to be a success, despite the fact that it is made of cardboard. Also, the only shames that can be played on the Shamecube are just cardboard disks, but still work for some reason. The most popular title on the shamecube is Cube Master, even though it is stupider than Patrick Star with his head stuck in a car compacter(WaRoboPatgee). HaloBob GunPants also works apparently.

After the Cube War(The Mother Of All Wars[which was 14 years long]), Nintendo made a truce, ganted Psygnosis 9,000,000,000,000 UnDollars & canceled making the Shamecube because Nintendo now knows how much the Shamecube sucks.

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