Ds lite

The Nintendo DS Lite was a handheld shaming system created by Nintendo. It is the successor to the Nintendo DS, and is the smallest handheld shaming system ever invented. It was first made about a few years ago, and has since sold almost two million devices since then. (Though 1,900,001 of these devices were bought by Morshu.)


The Nintendo DS Lite was created by Satoru Iwata and Kool Aid Guy. Kool Aid Guy was working on Kool Aid Alcoholic Beverages when he realized he needed some way to advertise his product. He went to Nintendo and discussed this with Mr. Iwata. They decided making a Nintendo DS sponsored by Kool Aid Guy's alcohol was the only logical thing to do.

Iwata, being so smart, yet so hopelessly stupid, thought that when Kool Aid Man said "lite", that he meant "light". So, Iwata spent fourteen trillion dollars in making smaller shaming system technology. Kool Aid Guy slapped Iwata for being such an idiot, but they made the shaming system anyways.

It was a huge success, 'cause people just like small stuff for some reason. It became the most popular selling shaming system of its time, and eventually became the King of the World (though this was short lived). The DS Lite is now commonly found in dumpsters and the houses of video shame addicts.


  • Morshu is in possession of many Nintendo DS Lites. He has them hidden in a bomb shelter three miles underground in the hopes that they will survive World War III and become the next dominant species. We have yet to make sense of this ridiculous idea.
  • Nintendo devised a scheme that would allow this shaming system to rule the world. For some reason, people voted it into office, but then overthrew it just because they like violence.
  • The Nintendo DS Lite is not sold to people under the legal age to drink alcohol, despite the fact that there is no alcohol in it.
  • The Nintendo DS Lite was a stupid idea that everyone ate up.
  • Nintendo DS Lite is an ingredient in Bud Lite.
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