Nintendo DS

This is obviously a DS

The Nintendo DS (Nobody knows what DS stands for) is the first handheld shaming system ever. It was made by Nintendo around the same time they made the Shamecube. It was originally designed to be a really high tech bookmark, but the idea was 彡ed, and they made it a shaming system instead. The DS remains to be the most famous handheld ever.


The idea of the Nintendo DS was actually created by SpongeBob SquarePants and Patrick Star. One day, they were playing 64's Castle Invasion, and Patrick decided he wanted some ice cream. He set down his controller, and got some. Meanwhile, SpongeBob kept playing, and got a bunch of points while Patrick wasn't looking. So, Patrick grabbed the TV, and carried it with him to the kitchen so he could play too. This gave SpongeBob the idea of a portable shaming system.

The two mailed their ideas in to Nintendo, and Satoru Iwata personally replied saying:

Dear Mr. RoundPants and Mr. Triangle,

I have read your ideas of a portable shaming system, and I love the idea.
However, if I were to make one, it would require me to pay you $0.00001 a
year because it was your idea. I can not afford this, so I am just going to 
pretend it was all my  idea, and will send in an elite assassin should you 

Thanks for the idea suckers!
Mr. Satoru Iwata, President of Nintendo

The Nintendo DS hit stores the next day, due to Nintendo's amazing shame making skills. It was a huge success, and SpongeBob and Patrick didn't care at all. The DS was followed by the Nintendo DS Lite, the Nintendo DSi, and the Nintendo 3DS.


A DS printing money, advertisement. Note it does not actually do this.


  • Some consider the Virtual Boy to be a handheld shaming system. If these people aren't stupid (and many of them are), the DS is the 2nd handheld shaming system ever.
  • The Nintendo DS is actually made of many unstable materials, but Nintedo used epicness to make it safe.


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