Nintendo 64


The Nintendo 64 is the super-awesome shaming system made by Nintendo after the massive failures of the Nintendo UnEntertainment System and the Virtual Boy. It is the first shaming system made by Satoru Iwata, because he actually knew what he was doing, unlike SOMEONE. The Nintendo 64 is the greatest shaming system of its time. The most shame on this system is Super Game 64 Color EX Advance DS '99.

The Nintendo 64 is a whole new kind of shaming system. The main difference between it, and shaming systems of the past, is that the Nintendo 64 actually allows you to play FUN shames. Of course, this feature was removed from most Nintendo 64s within a few days of production. The Nintendo 64 is also well known for not sucking as much as most shaming systems.

Criticism for the Nintendo 64 is mostly positive. The main point people do not like is the fact that it is centered around 64. Every shame you can play on the Nintendo 64 stars 64 as the main character. Biased Ratings calls the Nintendo 64 "A Not As Stupid Idea". Dr. Robotnik says we can go take our Nintendo 64, and... well, let's just stop there. Chuck Norris was unavailable for interview, but he probably would have said it was terrible.

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