IMac G4

The iBart. It/he had TONS of shames.

The NintenD'oh iBart is basically a banned computer that used Arch Linux. It/he was the reason why Bart Simpson got grounded. It/he was introduced in 1988, making it the first popular LCD computer. It/he was replaced by the iJennyXJ9 in 1998, due to Bart's grounding.

Apple eMac PowerPC G4 1.25 GHz 2005

The iJennyXJ9, the computer's replacement. It/she was the same computer, but with a different gender, a CRT, and a TON of pointless upgrades.


The screen was the largest screen possible at the time, having a resolution of 7680 × 4320, which most computers TODAY don't have. The processor was basically the PowerPC G6, which exceeds even today's processors. The hard drive could hold a yottabyte of data, and the RAM was as large as a Zettabyte! The included speakers were the best sounding speakers ever made. The other details are on their website at (the first domain using .ninja).


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