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The iBart. It/he had TONS of shames.

The NintenD'oh iBart was a banned computer that used a custom Arch Linux with many retrofitted upgrades. It was the reason why Bart Simpson got temporarily grounded. It was introduced in 1988, making it the first popular (and first) LCD computer. It was temporarily replaced by the iJennyXJ9 in 1998, due to Bart's grounding. However, the iJennyX9 almost indirectly killed Homer, due to riots about how horrible the computer was. Homer UnGrounded Bart, and the computer can can still be bought today.

The iJennyXJ9, the computer's temporary replacement. It was the same computer, but with a different gender, a CRT, and a TON of pointless upgrades.


The screen was the largest screen possible at the time, having a resolution of 7680 × 4320, which most computers TODAY don't have. The processor was basically the PowerPC G6, which exceeds even today's processors. The hard drive could hold a yottabyte of data, and the RAM was as large as a Zettabyte! The included speakers were the best sounding speakers ever made. The other details are on their website at www.Nintendoh.ninja (the first domain using .ninja).


  • TierbosCom (literally just an iBart with 3D added)
  • iChuckNorriseegee
  • iGumble