Lisa Simpson promoting the NintenD'oh Zii

The NintenD'oh Zii is a rip off of Nintendo's Nintendo Wii that was made by NintenD'oh founder Homer Simpson in 2012. It is currently the best selling NintenD'oh console, with over 3,000,007 sales world wide. It is the pride and joy of Homer Simpson's life, as his son is a failure in every way.

Mr. Simpson initially wanted to create a crappy version of the Nintendo Wii, you know, 'cause he's got a reputation to keep. But then Maggie Simpson "accidentally" poured Chemical X into Mr. Simpson's coffee, and he went on hyperdrive. He actually created something that was kind of good! Even Chuck Norris was impressed! Well, not really.

The NintenD'oh Zii has the exact same technology and features as the Nintendo Wii, except for one crucial difference. The NintenD'oh Zii has the violent shames that Everybody loves. This is what made the Zii so much more successful than the Wii. Oh, and the fact that it doesn't have explosives inside of it, like most shaming systems do.

The NintenD'oh Zii EWW is a successor of this game console and it is capable of playing any third-party game. Even any game of this console.

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