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The NintenD'oh Entertainment System (sometimes abbreviated NES) is a shaming system invented by Homer Simpson and sold by NintenD'oh. It was first released in 1982, when NintenD'oh realized that it made absolutely no money when it was "in hiding". (what idiot came up with that idea?) It was sold as a shaming system for those who worship Homer Simpson. In Japan, this shaming system is called Farting Computer (sometimes abbreviated Farticom)

The NintenD'oh Entertainment system is the most popular shaming system ever sold by Ninten'oh. After it, everyone realized how crappy NintenD'oh was. It is now sold in dumps where they don't want such filth polluting their garbage.

In 1942, Adolf Hitler rated the NintenD'oh Entertainment System the worst shaming system ever. Since everyone hated Hitler, people went out and bought it, and made Homer rich. But then they hated it so much, they apologized to Hitler and returned them. Since Homer had already spent the money on beer and doughnuts, Nobody got a refund.

Other than this, the NintenD'oh shaming system was an amazing failure. The most popular shame on this system is Super D'oh Bros. which sold a grand total of seven copies.

The NintenD'oh Entertainment System is no longer made due to a combination of no sales, being blown up by Nintendo, and not enough violent shames made for the system. The NintenD'oh Entertainment System is succeeded by the Super NintenD'oh Entertainment System(or Stupid Farting Computer in Japan).

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the Farting Computer

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