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How Wonderful!

The NintenD'oh BS (originally NintenD'oh Bart Simpson) is NintenD'oh's version of a handheld shaming system. It was designed by the head of NintenD'oh's adult shame department, Bart Simpson. It is currently the cooler version of the Nintendo DS. This does not surprise us, as the BS was released 10 years after the BS, and Everybody knows that newer stuff is cooler than older stuff.

The NintenD'oh BS was first designed by Bart Simpson about five minutes after the Nintendo DS was released, because shame making is really fast in the UnUniverse for some reason. Homer Simpson then called an executive order to not send the BS to stores as he wanted a beer, and he wanted to strangle Bart for making a cooler shaming system than Homer's cancelled NintenD'oh Shaming and Beer System.

The NintenD'oh Bart Simpson was stolen by Homer, and he had Crash Bandicoot make several upgrades to it to make it cool. Crash just blew it up, and Bart made a new one. Homer said Bart was grounded if he released a shaming system with "Bart Simpson" in the name, so the name was switched to the NintenD'oh BS. Bart told Homer BS stood for Beer System, but he lied.

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