How amazing.

The NintenD'oh 66 is an obvious rip off of the Nintendo 64 that was released by NintenD'oh in 1800. Nobody seems to care that it was a rip off. This makes Phoenix Wright sad, because he likes courtrooms. This led to the downfall of the NintenD'oh almost 100 years later.

The idea of the NintenD'oh 66 came to Homer Simpson in 1755. He was standing on his toilet, hanging a clock. Being a fat tub of lard, the toilet gave in and he was knocked out. When he woke up, he had a vision of the flux capacitor, the thing that makes the NintenD'oh 66 possible. His dream was not realized for another thirty years, when production began.

After production began, Homer accidentally sat on the factory, and they had to start over. It took them fifteen years to redo it, and Super D'oh 66 was released in 1800. It was not a success like the previous shame made by NintenD'oh, because it was around this time that Biased Ratings gave a negative review of NintenD'oh. People listen to Biased Ratings without question, so Nobody bought the NintenD'oh 66. Ironically, the NintenD'oh 66 was actually a good quality shaming system, even better than the Nintendo 64.


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