The NintenD'oh 3BS is a handheld shaming device based on the NintenD'oh BS and an obvious rip off of the Nintendo 3DS. It was first created when Homer Simpson ran out of beer money. He did not tolerate this, and ordered the execution of Ned Flanders.


A picture of the old coding in the NintenD'oh 3BS.

He then ordered his company NintenD'oh to do some "sneaky lying stuff" to sell more shaming systems. Bart Simpson promptly created the NintenD'oh 3BS, claiming it was better when it was actually worse. The NintenD'oh 3BS is capable of 3D graphics as you would expect them in the 1940s. Not only did Bart modify a NintenD'oh BS so it had crappy 3D, but he also modified it so it played a voice recording that said "Buy me. Buy me." When you buy it, it proceeds to shoot you with a .45 caliber Rocket Launcher. Then it shoots you with a nuke and kidnaps your family. It was succeeded by the Neow NintenD'oh 3BS

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