Cquote1 I'm Ninja Spy... and you SUCK! Cquote2
Ninja Spy as he's about to reveal his true side and slash everybody in the face
Ninja Spy

The Ninja Spy

Gender: Male
Hair color:  ???
Eye color: Green?
Species: Human Spy Ninja
Home:  ???
Likes: Sneaking in to grab the intelligence
Dislikes: Failing to get the intelligence
Known For: Spy with Swords

Ninja Spy is a Spy, who's a NINJA!


He used to look exactly like The Spy, but then he got a black ninja suit, weapons, and s*** ready to go.

He also (formerly) friends with Randall Boggs, Vagineer, Pedobear, 4chan Sniper, Mao Zedong, Hirohito, and all those (naughty) people.

He's basically what you call a "slice-n-dicer", because he can basically slice you in HALF.

He was brainwashed by Mr. T, leading him to redeem himself and then after that, he stalks and spies that aren't on his or Mr. T's side like Randall Boggs and such.


He's about to slash somebody after spying and stalking.

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