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A while back, i bought this tube from Russia! Nilered

This is Bromine! (drops Bromine) Oh, sorry that was Soy Sauce. Nilered with some Soy Sauce

Nilered, AKA Nigel Braun is a Youtuber who is from Canada who does lots of chemistry like turning plastic Gloves into grape soda, making Bromine from pool supplies etc. He can turn anything into other things, like turning paper into plastic, turning plastic into gold, and turning soap into french fries. He wants to turn many guys into weird other guys, so if you see him you better run.

Stuff he likes[]

Destruction with mercury[]

Nilered is infamous in the UnWorld for destroying things with Mercury (No, not the planet, the metal), like planes. When he goes on holiday to places in the UnWorld, he brings a bottle of mercury metal with him, then he opens the bottle and pours the mercury onto the plane floor, then he puts a parachute on and jumps outta the plane, then he uses his phone (which is a Samsung galaxy S10) to call someone to bring a boat if the plane is above the sea to catch him, then they sail to the country he is heading to, then the plane just falls to pieces.

That Time he raided someone for Chemicals[]


A security guard about to catch Nilered in the car park after he stole the chemicals.

Nilered has also raided someone's house for chemicals, by stealing a portal gun and stealing the chemicals. He managed to escape, but a security guard caught him and sent him to The Wall. He was sent there for 5 months, but his father got him outta there, like how Henry Stickmin got outta there.

His lab[]

Nilered's lab is an insanely protected place. The guy with the Hambourghini broke into here when he went around the UnWorld on a trip to Cool City by using the portal gun Nilered used to steal the chemicals, but he got caught as soon as he entered the place.


  • He is of German and Japanese descent
  • He likes bromine, which he dropped a flask of, but luckily it was soy sauce bromine
    • When he dropped it, it just became a meme afterwards.
    • Bromine mixed with barium makes BrBa.
  • Currently, he has turned plastic gloves into grape soda, hot sauce, You , etc.
  • It takes 300 major steps to turn plastic gloves into grape soda.
  • He is wondering if he can reverse this transformation by turning grape soda into plastic gloves.
  • Someone should comment on one of Nilered's videos saying ''Now Reverse this transformation and turn grape soda into plastic gloves''
  • Currently, Nilered is dead and has been dead for thousands of years.
  • He has turned cotton balls into nuclear bombs.
  • Nilered can change the colour of Mercury into gold
  • Nilred is the reason Wa'nt Tinky Winky is hiding
  • Nilered can make Water catch fire
  • When Nilered burns magnesium, he is actually making it so mad it gets as bright as the Sun
  • Nilered is actually Andrew Huang in disguise
  • When Nilered wants Grape soda, he Turn plastic gloves into Grape soda
  • Nilered is the reason we cannot turn Plastic gloves into grape soda (because only he knows how to do it, and he won't tell you how to do it)
  • Nilered knows when Biohazards happen
  • Nilered can easily split any molecule
  • Nilered can drink Mercury
  • Nilered can drink Bromine
  • When Nilered goes to sleep, he checks for anything that could spell trouble
  • Nilered can turn Bromine into Orange Juice
  • He quite recently made Thioacetone on a remote island
  • As you know, he is insane

Transformations he wants to do[]

  • Grape soda into plastic gloves
  • You into Somebody else
  • TuTiTu into a Tank
  • Bromine into grape soda
  • Plastic gloves into another TuTiTu
  • Wood into a bouncy ball

Ingredients for Nilered Grape Soda™ (DO NOT DRINK IF YOU ARE THE Globglogabgalab)[]

  • Plastic Gloves
  • Bromine(eaking Bad)
  • 55 grams of Ferrofluid
  • A bunch of bleach
  • 0.1 of ascorpic acid
  • Just enough water
  • Red and blue dye (toxic)
  • Grape flavouring
  • A bunch of CO2