Cquote1 Autumn is especially beautiful here in the Nightmare Zone. Cquote2
Nightmare Zone

Reginald and Beartato in the Nightmare Dimension

The Nightmare Dimension, also known as the Nightmare Zone, is a pocket dimension of Hell full of horror and madness, where all you dread, even if impossible, becomes a reality. Even the plants can read your mind, and can also scream.

Most Creepypastas take place here in the Nighmare Dimension. For in this dimension, bad things happen to alternate forms of the people in the UnUniverse.

The Nightmare Dimension also features in the song Apple Picking in the Nightmare Zone, a segment of which goes as follows:

A segment from Apple Picking in the Nightmare Zone

Apple Picking in the Nightmare Zone

Where the apples know your name

and they scream when you pick 'em, yeahhh

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