Nigel, like EVIL PATRIXXX, is not from the UnUniverse or UnUnUniverse, he is from the Pentadimensional Conglomeration.(or PDC) He occasionally visits the UnUniverse, but is unable to do much due to the Rule of Goof - the fact that Nigel cannot directly affect beings which are not created in the PDC outside of Trongle Hell.

He was created by God, but is much more powerful than him. He is more powerful than all of the Undefeatables combined in the PDC, but he cannot demonstrate his power in the UnUniverse due to the Rule of Goof and the fact that he’s just a nice, humble guy.

He is followed (not worshipped) by the Tribangle, an organisation who hope to spread the knowledge of Nigel and spread the peace.

Radnor Gods

Nigel created the Fact File, a home for himself, and a council of Radnor Gods to accompany him.

These gods are:

  • Becky, Nigel’s “sister”
  • Arthur Brown, the God of Hellfire
  • Shrek, (PDC) brother of the Trongle and hero of the swamp
  • Shaggy, (PDC) a being made of pure power, but not as much power as Nigel holds
  • Globglogabgalab, (PDC) the creator of the Yeast of Thoughts and Mind
  • Chuck Norris, (PDC) there is no need for explanation
  • CTut, an elegant being
  • The Trongle of Sprongle, the evil brother of Shrek who turned against Nigel

Some of these are resemblant of beings from the UnUniverse, but are completely separate.

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