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Nickelodeon is an once-evil organization and TV channel that used to do works for Evil Guy. They did TERRIBLE THINGS a long time ago. They once planned an attack against NintenDO, NintenDON'T, NintenD'oh, UnAnything Wiki, and the UnWorld. A terrible war started after that. NintenDO was easily killed, but then revived. The people who worked for it then ran home to mommy. NintenDON'T almost turned to Nickelodeon's side, but then got stopped by Nim-Nom. The UnWorld remained behind the good guys lines, and the UnAnything Wiki finally kicked Nickelodeon's butt! Now Nickelodeon has some once-enemies that work for them, known as the Nick Jr. Staff and they also do terrible things which they gave up on in 1944. Nickelodeon's life long dream is to fart with ItsJerryAndHarry. They so far are doing a pretty good job. They are not your worst nightmare! THEY ARE YOUR FREINDS! UnAnything Wiki actually got a life & has cancelled a big job that required members defending the world against the forces of Nickelodeon.

The former owner of this organization is Danny the Gopher Gabe. He saved it because he was good & reaped evils. He also wanted to get SEXY with the UnAnything Wiki (kind of) because in pre-preschool, a guy who worked for it wouldn't share his muffin, but at high school, he gave him a muffin. Nickelodeon has several studios located in Florida. NintenDON'T tried again to turn to the side & he did it. Their friends are YOOOU!, BBC & Yahoo! Unfortunately, since 2015, they've been beginning to show an evil side again ever since their minion Nick Jr. worked closely with CBeebies to create Teletubbies (2015 TV series). Then, Nickelodeon had the crazy idea to come up with School of Rock (TV series). Unfortunately, a few months after that, a Nickelodeon worker created The Loud House, which is the most overrated thing in the UnMultiverse. However, as of October 2016, The Loud House has a new threat...The Bob Show. Later, Gabe was pissed because of The Loud House and left the organisation to do some stuff, SpongeBob SquarePants was then made leader, thankfully, Nick is still your ever-loving friend.


  • They can't sleep.
  • SpongeBob SquarePants is their current leader. This is why his show is aired over 5 times each day.
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