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Tsar Nicholas, being a fucking dumbass
Nicholas II

Full name: Nicholas Odeon II
Gender: male
Birthdate: 18th of may (a rust blood, ironic)
Species: human
Height: short
Home: Non-Soviet Russia
Alive or Dead?: dead
Death: killed by Wubbzy
Likes: reconquering all of russia
Occupation: king of Non-Soviet Russia, founder and ceo of Nickleodeon
Religion: Eastern Orthodox (the most anti-gay of them all)

Nicholas Odeon II, son of Nicholas Odeon, was the king of all Russia and the de-facto ruler of Italy. He was also the founder of Nickelodeon, named after him.

Before he died he was king of Non-Soviet Russia, after his death Anastasia became queen.


Nicholas was born in the Alexander Palace in Saint Petersburg, the eldest child of Nicholas Odeon the first, the previous king, or "tsar/czar", of Russia.

Nicholas the first died in a ziplining accident, making the infant Nicholas II the ruler of Russia, and Italy as well, since as it turns out he was technically also part of THAT bloodline as well.

Nicholas immediately started a war against Japan for shits and giggles, but his Gopnik army was no match for the countless indoctrinated weebs flung at him.

Nicholas loosing the war against Japan was a very very bad thing which made absolutely every living soul wether braindead or giga-brain absolutely hate him.

Lenin, inspired by the all mighty Tryostronix, dethroned the infant Nicholas, killing all but 1 of his 2766872981987874768971 sex slaves daughters.

The newly found duo, with the help of a bunch of Nazis, made their way to Siberia where they founded Non-Soviet Russia.

It was then, when he took a short walk from Krasnoyarsk to Washington DC via Alaska, he walked into the white house and held a gun to the then UnUS president Teddy Roosevelt demanding him to give him a free TV studio, to which Teddy obliged.

Nicholas founded Nickelodeon studios that day, named after himself. For his first few shows he kidnapped a bunch of monsters and serial killers and filmed them for children's entertainment.

Eventually, one of them, escaped and killed him, along with his second in command as well as best friend, Dan Schneider.

After their deaths in 2010, Gabe took over as Nickelodeon CEO for some reason, and Anastasia Odeon took over as the tsar of Non-Soviet Russia.

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