The Tubby Dome.

Nice Teletubbyland is a big grassy place over the hills and far away. It is a safe place. This is where the Good Teletubbies come out to play where there is no gorilla or furry minions. Teletubbyland is a very good place to live, being grass everywhere and fun good Teletubbies to play with Good Laa-Laa's ball with and such. This place is not in Hell like the evil other Teletubby Land. There are Teletubby Land Bunnies everywhere you go. Sometimes Thumper goes here to trick them into thinking that a bunny can talk. There's The Good Teletubbies' house known as Tubby Dome. In this land, there is no acid lake or Stickmen, making it a better place to live than that one. This is also where The Good Teletubbies Show is filmed on a camera with a television crew. Plans to expand it with a non-deadly pond, monkeys and Stickmen who have been raised by loving parents have been announced by Po's Good Twin.


Nice Teletubbyland was first founded by Good Tinky Winky when he and Good Laa-Laa had no place better to live. They then built their own house out of the grass which spend 3 days building. Tinky Wiky made it unbreakable and named it Tubby Dome

Then along came Po's Good Twin and liked it and lives there. She made friends with everyone there so far, (Good Dipsy wasn't there yet.) When Good Dipsy came and lived there, He found a black and white hat that looked exactly like the EVIL Teletubby Hat, he kept it, as it was very comfortable on his head.

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