New Vehicules, New Destructions is the 5th episode of Barbapapa (TV Series). This episode, believe or not, stars the infamous group of vehicules in hell: the house destructors! The Teletubbies also make a cameo appearance as the main characters.

New vehicules, new destructions

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Barbabeau has just finished cleaning up the remains of the Barbapapas that made the same mess than The Evil Mess. He then goes back inside, deciding he hates his life. He tries to suck himself to death, but it doesn't work.

Meanwhile, the Teletubbies are plotting. Now that the Barbapapas are dead, they can take over Barbaland! All they have to do is beat Barbabeau. Po, leader of the Teletubbies, comes up with an in-genius (not to be confused with ingenious) plan. He decides to put so much air in Barbaland, Barbabeau won't know what to suck and will self-destruct. With that, the Teletubbies begin creating oxygen.

In the UnUniverse, Paris Hilton hears that the Barbapapas have died. She gets her old Barbabright costume out of her closet, and puts it on. She then teleports to Barbaland attempting to impersonate Barbabright. Unfortunately, the Teletubbies actually fall for her stupid disguise. They shoot her with oxygen and she DIES.

Barbabeau comes out just in time to see the Teletubbies kill Hilton. Furious that they made another mess, Barbabeau sucks up all the Teletubbies. Barbabeau thinks he has finally conquered Barbaland, so Barbamama laughs and incinerates Barbabeau. This leaves Barbamama as the sole conqueror of Barbaland.

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