New york

This is obviously New York. If it wasn't, why would we put a picture of it here?

New York City (also known as New York, Old New York, Unova and The Rotten Apple) is a place in the Asgardian Empire. It is one of the biggest cities of all time, and also the worst. It's sewers are responsible for more than 70% of all the monsters on Earth.


New York was founded by George W. Bush so he could have another town to rule, and fill with cars. He wanted New York to be the greatest place ever, but since he was a N00b, he managed to mess everything up. He thought this wouldn't be a problem, and said as long as it wasn't the worst place of all time, everything would be fine. But then it was discovered that Hell had just opened to the public, and that it was a great place if you were evil. it slowly dawned on everyone that Hell was the only thing that had been stopping New York from being the worst place of all time, and that now it was great, New York WAS the worst place of all time. People got mad, and a riot started. Eventually, George won, and forced people to live there as a punishment.

Following the Unfinity War and the SJW Civil War, New York City was annexed by Thor Odinson into the newly formed Asgardian Empire.

Notable Features

Notable Places

  • Main Street
  • Queenz
  • Munhattun
  • Brooklen
  • Stuten Islund
  • Teh Brunx
  • Traffic road
  • RD-24AB
  • Central Park (Munhattun's forest)
  • Ground Zero (known as Munhattun's hole for a short while)
  • Columbus Circle (formerly Succubus Circle)
  • Empire State Building (NEDMgee was around there!)
  • Office of Corrupt Government Activity (OCGA)
  • Statue of Liberty
  • Corn Dog Hut
  • Corny Island (what's left of it)
  • Jersey City (whoops, wrong state!)
  • Docks
  • Junkyard
  • Ill-Concieved Magnetic Junkyard
  • Sewers
  • Street covered in Human excrement
  • Bum Town
  • Place were the Police leave their helicopters.
  • Stupid 80's dance club
  • Metal Graveyard
  • Place with lots of pigeons
  • Times Square
  • Dimes Square
  • Poo Square
  • Stupid zoo
  • Place were all the roads meet and there's no way to leave.
  • Broken portaloo
  • Someone's house
  • Insignificant sports stadium
  • Stupider zoo
  • The Hood
  • TriBeCa (yuppie settlement)
  • SoHo (more yuppies!)
  • Hell's Kitchen (boring)
  • Williamsburg (yuppies would have called this place however they want to call it but they can't for some reason)
  • Nuvema Town (Wait, how could there be a town in a City?)
  • Driftveil City (And how could there be a city- you know what, I'm just gonna stop complaining and dance to it's kick-ass tunes)
  • Route 10

Fauna and Flora

  • Weeds
  • Pigeons
  • Sewer Monsters
  • Rats
  • Zombies
  • Flies
  • Nerds
  • Sentient Game Bois
  • Unovan Pokémon

Notable Inhabitants

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