New heregee

the new heregee

New Heregee is a guy who wears the same clothes as the fakegee Hergee, but is human (probably). He is also the creator of the Daedric Army.


New Heregee was born in UnAmerica, under the name Heregee, and by some bizarre coincidence, his name and clothes were almost identical to that of Hergee. Heregee didn't like being compared to a fakegee, and decided to take Hergee down. Heregee hunted down Hergee, and fought him. During the battle, Heregee shot Hergee with a Spartan Laser. Heregee thought he had killed Hergee, but he did not know Fakegees can respawn. Hergee came back as a godlike version of himself, and almost killed Heregee, but Heregee managed to survive. Hergee was impressed, as nobody had ever fought him and survived. Hergee named him New Heregee, and his equal. Heregee now resides at Skyrim, because if he wants to lead the Daedric army then he has to go to Skyrim to forge these armor and weapons. And they where never seen again...

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