The Nether is a very $p00ky place in a remote area right next to Hell itself, with it's entrance being in Minecraft. Technically, it is straight-up hell, but screw the police. It has been rumored to be the place where Wario made the Wa-Machine.




The Nether is hell's sister location. It's inhabitants are all dead, mostly Zombie Pigmen because Steve eats a lot of pork. The floor is lava so you might want to jump on furniture, or Netherrack. Sometimes, you can find a Nether Dungeon. It is guarded by Wither Skeletons that will make you shake and shiver, and soon wither. this is where Blaze The Cat takes walks at. Scooby Doo and the gang once attempted to solve a mystery here, but they all died. The same thing happened with more than infinity people. Chuck Norris is the only person who survived the Nether.

Things That You Cannot Do

  • Make an obsidian house
  • Summon the Wither in your house
  • Invite a Creeper to the Nether
  • Annoy the Zombie Pigmen
  • Say that Herobrine lives here
  • Swim in lava and end up in Davy Jone's inventory
  • Sleep
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