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  —Nestle Crunch Kid

The Nestle Crunch Kid is an Insane murderer who will kill you! Well, only if you take his Nestle Crunch. He loves nestle crunch more than anything in the UnWorld. He loves it so much that he would kill for it. He'll kill you if you take his nestle crunch.

Nestle Crunch Kid
Yummy crunchy! Warning: DO NOT TAKE HIS NESTLE CRUNCH
Hair color: Dirty blond
Eye color: Blue
Species: Human
Home: The UnWorld
Likes: Nestle Crunch
Dislikes: When Someone takes his Nestle Crunch
Education: Unknown, somewhere in primary school.
Occupation: Eating chocolate
Known For: For liking Nestle Crunch
UnRank: 10,000


The nestle crunch kid was created sometime in early 1980s by Chuck Norris. We don't know exactly what year it was, all we know is that it was in the early '80s. Three days after he was created, he discovered nestle crunch as fell in love with it.That's where he got his name.

in 1998, Ash Ketchum stole some of his nestle crunch! This made the kid very very SAD. But then the next day, Ash came back and stole some more. The nestle crunch kid then said, "Get your own nestle crunch! damn!" But Ash didn't listen, he kept on coming and stealing the nestle crunch. So the nestle crunch kid decided that he would kill Ash next time he came. Ash came the next day to steal some more nestle crunch, but then he was killed by THE NESTLE CRUNCH KID! Ash respawned three days after he was killed, and learned his lesson and never bothered the nestle crunch kid again.

Since then, the nestle crunch kid has been killing anyone who dares to steal his nestle crunch! How does he kill people? Like we said earlier, he was created by Chuck Norris. Since he has Chuck Norris' DNA, he can kill people. Because it's CHUCK NORRIS!!!

How to not get killed by the nestle crunch kid

It's simple! All you have to do is not steal his nestle crunch. If you let him have his nestle crunch, he'll let you live. If you want nestle crunch, BUY YOUR OWN!!!!


  • The reason why he loves nestle crunch is because it's scrounchous when it crunches!
  • He has OVER 9000 nestle crunch bars