Nerd pirate

Nerd was an aptly named minor crew member on the S.S. Diarrhea, the ship of Captain Ahab. Nerd rarely talked on screen, and only had 3 appearances, the first of which he is getting smacked across the face by his best friend Tarzan II. The second is where he is listening to the discussion between Ahab and Ishmael. The third, and final, is where he is killed during the confrontation with Boris Takei, Hisa Takei's pet whale which guards the entrance to her underground fortress. The tail of Boris Takei lands on the back of the boat, crushing it. Though it is not confirmed if he is alive or dead, it is most likely that he is dead because it would be humanly impossible to survive such an impact.

Nerd was revealed to be alive and well, living with his wife Gretchen in Brooklen, New York City.


It is speculated that Wario was Nerd's roommate for a short time. It is likely that Wario put Nerd into the Wa-Machine, creating 1000s of nerds everywhere. That is how the modern nerd was born.

Nerds likes eating McDonald's and wear thick glasses, braces, high pants, and are extremely random. They all all descendants of the Ancient Geeks.

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