Cquote1 I like this cat! :3 Cquote2
Nepeta Leijon, a kind animal lover.
Nepeta Leijon

Her internet surfing while acting much like a cat.

Gender: Female
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Yellow
Species: Troll
Home: Venezuela
Likes: Animal loving (Cats particularly; much like ToQ 6gou), Keeping Venezuela a safe country, etc.
Dislikes: Googolplex, Oswald, Teletubbies (Especially Dipsy), Herobrine, Bruticus, etc.
Occupation: Animal loving.
Known For: Representing Leo, being cat-like.
UnRank: 1,000,000

Nepeta Leijon is among the Twelve Homestuck Trolls, and like them, she fights for justice. She is also an animal lover; specifically cats.

Like the other eleven Homestuck trolls, she represents a Zodiac sign, Leo, and the thing is that there is one element per three signs, and it is Fire for Leo (Along with Aries and Sagittarius).

Since that, she bears the element of Fire (Along with Aradia Megido (Aries) and Equius Zahhak (Sagittarius)).

Her signature color is green.

Surprisingly, she shares the exact same sign as Alfred Hitchcock, classic film maker of dreams.

She is also the president of Venezuela, and named it "Catland Nepetaland".

Nepeta Leijon decided to go stop Applemilk1988 from being a big lewd jerk with her anime on the internet.

The biggest threat she and the other eleven trolls of Homestuck had to face (besides Dipsy) was Googolplex and his empire. Speaking of Googolplex, he ACTUALLY scared her!

While on YouTubeDeviantArtFacebook, and even 4chan (She only uses it for random stuff), she loves cats so much that she acts like one, though that isn't really a bad thing, as long as you're not lewd.

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