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If you see Nemesis, run!

Gender: Male
Hair color: None
Eye color: Red
Species: Biological Weapon
Home: Remains of Raccoon City
Death: Undead
AKA: Holy s**t where'd he come from!?!
Likes: To kill all STARS members
Dislikes: None
Education: None, doesn't need it.
Occupation: Awesome Killer
Known For: For killing STARS members
UnRank: Infinite

Nemesis (also called "Holy s**t, where'd he come from!?") Is a biological weapon created by Umbrella and Sony, to fight in the Videogame War. He never got a chance to be deployed. He is not yet in the Undefeatables, but maybe someday he will be.


The product of years of research, Nemesis is the result of infecting a humanoid bioweapon created to be the ultimate life-form—with a parasitic organism designed to increase its intelligence. Upon infection, the parasite takes control of the bioweapon's nervous system, forming its own brain and enabling it to follow precise instructions and make decisions without a need for constant direction. Clothed in black pants, overcoat, boots, and gloves, Nemesis is armed with a rocket launcher mounted on its left arm. Upon spotting its target, it says the target's name and attacks. Nemisis was deployed by the Umbrella Corporation to hunt and kill the STARS police team as a field test, before being deployed in the city. Jill Valentine, first encounters Nemesis outside Raccoon City’s police station where it kills Brad Vickers and then pursues her, uttering "STARS..." on sight. Nemesis continued to stalk Valentine between September 28th, 1999 and October 1st 1999. He had to stop because she narrowly escaped the city before Mario declared that the city "must go BOOM!"


Many people believe Nemesis died in BOOM!, however, this is not true. He actually escaped Raccoon City and continues to wreak havoc on the world.


Nemisis is the scariest video Shame character ever. Some publications, such as Squadala Ratings, have praised its role as an intimidating villain, while others have noted it as their favorite and most terrifying monsters in video shames. This is the only character that Biased Ratings has ever given an honest evaluation of. They wrote "this guy is freaking awesome. He runs around in some awesome armor while wielding a rocket launcher. Simply awesome!" Here are a few shames he has been in:

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