Not to be confused with Luigi's final smash.

Negative zone machine

The Negative Zone Machine.

The Negative Zone Machine is a corrupted Mr. Coffee that Ruigi made with Kinopio-Kun whilst playing Pokemon Laggray. Apparently the link cable got too hot and both connections disconnected simultaneously.



WaNess being the judge.

After the Negative Zone Machine was created, both Ruigi and Kinopio-Kun wanted it and got a trial as quickly as they could. WaNess decided that it was an imported coffee machine and that Japanese people couldn't have it. And in 2007 Luigi got it, but he didn't like the negative zone it gave him. Ruigi bought if off Luigi for ¥1000.

Death of Sans Undertale Jr.

In the 1980's Count Cannoli stole it and used it to kill Sans Undertale Jr.


Ruigi currently owns the Negative Machine and plans using the Tinkerer's Workshop to combine the Wa-Machine and Negative Zone Machine to create the "WaNegative Zone Machine" (could also be referred to "enihcaM-aW")
Negative zone

Luigi didn't really like this negative zone. Wario lent the Wa-Machine to Luigi just for Brawl, but Luigi still liked the name and called his final smash "Negative Zone."



ssilB, the name of Bliss whilst under the (temporary) effects of the Negative Zone Machine.

If something has been CTRL+S'd by the Negative Zone Machine, than it cannot come back in it's original state, even if it done again. But it's okay if you just temporarily use the Negative Zone Machine on something.

Negative zone effects

(Left) Original Image. (Middle) Negative Zone Machine. (Right) Ctrl+S'd, then Negative Zone Machine ran again, Notice this time that the yellow turned white. (Don't worry this is just a picture of Ruigi)

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