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Neck Joe is the brother of Red Joe and the son of Redneck Joe and WaPeach. He hates sports and likes books unlike his brother. He likes to read and wrote many books. Neck Joe is famous for being the only person not to be a redneck in his Redneck Family. He is currently living in Athens, Greece , getting his army ready to fight off Sparta. His wife is Mama Snow and his sons are WaDr. RobotnikWaRobotnikClauseWaWaMr. L and President Snow.

List of Accomplishments in Life

  • Won the Nobel Pee Prize for killing 0 Chimpanze in Ft. Lauderdale
  • Won the yellow award that people put on the cover on books
  • Only person not to be redneck in a Redneck Family
  • Can make Watermelon Truffles without destroying the city (and Turtle Soup)
  • Wrote lots of books

List of book series he wrote

  • Percy Jackson and the 2011 Olympics (now a famous shame)
  • The OVER 9000!!!! Clues
  • The Candy Cane Chronicles
  • The Losers of Olympus


  • He supposedly created the demon Cujo
  • He rivals Kyrabel Kisop
  • Tortured by Mrs. Mellgren