This is the thirteenth episode of the new Teletubbies TV show from 2015.


The episode begins in Teletubby Land, where the Baby Sun rises. The camera then pans to Home Dome, where Po is woken up by a Voice Trumpet saying "WHAT ARE THOOOOOOOOSE?!". Po throws Tubby Custard at it. She thinks she's having a bad dream, so she pinches herself. Turns out she isn't dreaming.

After, all four Teletubbies decide to go outside and dance, but they are interrupted by yet another Voice Trumpet saying "WHAT ARE THOOOOOOOOSE?!" even louder than the one that woke Po up. Laa-Laa yells "RUN AWAY!" and she, Dipsy, and Po do so. Tinky Winky just stays there, laughing at the Voice Trumpet and imitating it. Po grabs his antenna and drags him back to Home Dome. That's when Tinky Winky goes on the Tubby Phone and goes to download Vine. Alt 2.0 tells him not to because of "the consequences", but Tinky Winky doesn't listen to her and the Tubby Phone shoots him once he clicks "BUY" on the App Store. Alt 2.0 says they should go into the Real World and find the creator of the stupid Vine meme.

The Teletubbies go into the Real World, and are transported to an ordinary high school in Connecticut, where a group of weird kids (mostly boys) and one girl with abnormally short hair are imitating the Vine, saying "WHAT ARE THOOOOOSE?!" over and over. Dipsy goes to kill the weird kids, but Alt 2.0 scans them first and discovers something really weird - a bunch of strange invisible creatures who imitate the Vine as well: the Whatdaheckaredosethings. Turns out the Whatdaheckaredoesthings are the reason why the "WHAT ARE THOOOOOOOOSE?!" Vine went viral, so the Teletubbies do the best possible thing: THEY KILL THEM. The high-school kids decide to become homeless, and the Teletubbies celebrate by going back to Teletubby Land.

Before Tubby Bye Bye, the voice trumpet who usually says "TIME FOR TUBBY BYE BYE!" says "WHAT ARE THOOOOOOOOOOSE?!" instead, even though the Whatdaheckaredosethings were killed. Po throws Tubby Custard at it, AGAIN.


Little mainstream 2015 kids loved this episode because, well, Vine. Parents hated it for the same reason.

This is the favorite episode of every stupid mainstream loser who does drugs, watches Vine 24/7, eats Weekend Pickles and jumps off bridges.

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