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" Come out and let's become one! "
  —Natalia's typical quote; especially towards Russia.

Natalia Arlovskaya
Natalia Arlovskaya.jpg
The woman who claimed she's Belarus.
Gender: Female
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Blue
Species: Human
Home: Minsk, Belarus
Death: Still alive
AKA: "Belarus" (What she claims to be when she's not)
Likes: Knives and stuff.
Dislikes: Her brother, Ukraine
Education: 8 years of idiot school
Occupation: Queen, Maid
Known For: Ruling Belarus
UnRank: -2

Natalia Arlovskaya was once the queen of Belarus before it became part of the Soviet Union and then divided into 15 different republics.

She formerly got along well with her siblings (Even when the soviets took over Russia), she rebelled, even during Russia as the Soviet Union.

She wanted to go out with her big brother really bad, but he said no because of 1. the fact that they're related, and 2. her personality.

You might not know this, but she really likes Vagineer and Scunt. She mourned over Vagineer's dead body while Scunt comforted her. Scunt acted like her "NEW older brother".

She would downright kill those in the heart with her knives if they hated the country she was ruling and claimed to be.

After a portion of the entirety of Belarus collapsed and was she was out of house and home, she joined with Tabuu's to try and kill every Nintendo character, as well as Solid Snake. But she was too weak and Tabuu killed her. She is now dead forever.