The logo of Namco

Nobody Attack My Company, Okay?, often abbreviated Namco is a delusional company that makes shames. They are delusional because they actually think they can compete with Nintendo and SEGA. It is one of the worst shame companies to date.


Namco was founded by Toka Ryuumonbuchi when she got bored one morning. She made Namco, a company dedicated to un-stinking old Socks. She made the company, but then all of the workers quit, so she turned it into a shame making company. Nobody knows why.

They made some shames, and did terrible. But then, they decided to make a shame about Pac-Man, and came up with Pac-Man (how original), after that, they did shames like Galaga, Dig Dug, and the shame Rally-X. They were very popular that they made more shames about random stuff.

This made people like Namco, but they ruined this with too many Pac-Man shames. Everyone hated Namco.

After this, Namco went out of business, and all of their locations randomly exploded.


Jeff the First Polar Bear flew to Central America and found a closed film studio. He called up Chuck Norris and he roundhouse kicks the building with some Kool-Aid. It turned into a video game company, but Jeff did not like it, so he broke it and created a better version of it. And Namco was revived. They made great inventions like the YoonieSAL and Iwata Bananas. They got bought by Sony and became a RICHER game company.

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