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[[File:Namco.png|thumb|250px|The logo of Namco]]
[[File:Namco.png|thumb|250px|The logo of Namco]]
'''Nobody Attack My Company, Okay?''', often abbreviated '''Namco''' is a delusional company that makes [[shames]]. They are delusional because they actually think they can compete with [[Nintendo]] and [[SEGA]]. It is one of the worst shame companies to date.
'''Nobody Attack My Company, Okay?''', often abbreviated '''Namco''' is a company that makes [[shames]]. They are there because a member blew up a [[Nintendo]] and [[SEGA]] office with an ICBM.

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The logo of Namco

Nobody Attack My Company, Okay?, often abbreviated Namco is a company that makes shames. They are there because a member blew up a Nintendo and SEGA office with an ICBM.


Namco was founded by Toka Ryuumonbuchi when she got bored one morning. She made Namco, a company dedicated to un-stinking old Socks. She made the company, but then all of the workers quit, so she turned it into a shame making company. Nobody knows why.

They made some shames, and did terrible. But then, they decided to make a shame about Pac-Man, and came up with Pac-Man (how original), after that, they did shames like Galaga, Dig Dug, and the shame Rally-X. They were very popular that they made more shames about random stuff.

This made people like Namco, but they ruined this with too many Pac-Man shames. Everyone hated Namco.

After this, Namco went out of business, and all of their locations randomly exploded.


Jeff the First Polar Bear flew to Central America and found a closed film studio. He called up Chuck Norris and he roundhouse kicks the building with some Kool-Aid. It turned into a video game company, but Jeff did not like it, so he broke it and created a better version of it. And Namco was revived. They made great inventions like the YoonieSAL and Iwata Bananas. They got bought by Sony and became a RICHER game company.

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