Cquote1 Good girl, Nagini, now sic' em Cquote2

Nigini is a giant black mamba snake that is owned by Carnivoreplant1, along with Baaa and Mini Tiger Tail.


This is my beatiful pet, Nagini

How Carnivoreplant1 found her

Carnivoreplant1 found her in an awful pet store called Pets Ahoy! like Joey. Whenever somebody bothers Carnivoreplant1, he calls Nagini and says "Ok Nagini, Sic' em" and then Nagini kills whoever is bothering him. The admins often complain about Nagini killing some boring user or eating a page but he just says "Oh Nagini is just a wittle baby arn't you Nagini? Now get out of my house or i'll sic Nagini on you.

Mariocraft 5: Another Awful Mariocraft Shame

She had a small apearence in Mariocraft 5, eating Murio once you defeat him

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