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NaN, also known as Not a Number is one of the more chaotic beings in the UnWorld, and has various glitch powers being a distant relative to Grand Dad. It's main purpose in life to to show up when bad programmers do the bad thing. NaN's greatest weakness is Chaos Control.

NaN in its most common form. Seems to be a mix between a toaster and Aigis (or is it Aegis?) from Persona.


NaN was around at the very beginning of the first computers (made in 1,000,000 BC). One day a programmer was writing JavaScript, and experienced a fatal error. This was so bad that the computer exploded, and produced the first NaN. According to time-travelers, it looked like a combination of Grand Dad, Todd Rogers, an old woman, Matryoshka Miku, and the Farlands before ultimately assuming the form of an innocent Aigis themed Toaster.

It'd find the group of numbers 1234567890, and become best friends with them. NaN and all the other numbers would become good friends after it kept buying them pies and breaking up the fights between 7 and 9. And after many years of being besties, NaN became an official number in the year 800 BC (Then renamed 668 BC), and caused 1234567890 to be renamed 123456789NaN0.

This caused misery and dismay to Everybody of the UnWorld; billions of people were forced to rewrite OVER 9000 as OVER 6842. Some people shortened NaN to A, while others just drew the hieroglyphic 🖕 instead. NaN being added to the numberbet also super pissed off the Roman Empire, so much so they invented Roman Numerals out of spite, and continuing to use them to this day in spite of the atrocity committed 3000 years ago.

Eventually though, the general public discovered NaN meant "Not a Number" and so they started to burn down all their calculators, their watches, clocks, everything that has 1234567890 & NaN on them and started switching to Roman Numerals. It was a hard decision, I knew because I was there, but, after 30 years of being a number, NaN was not a number no more. No hard feelings.


These are rarely used, but still cool.

  • Ability to shoot [toast] projectiles at 9001 KM/F glitch lasers from it's toaster slots. (Needs a charge after doing so)
  • Ability to shoot glitched toast or glitched DIE bolts
  • Ability to Divide by zero
  • Ability to crash your computer
  • Ability to find the square root of a negative number
  • Ability to corrupt almost anything (Not including Undefeatables or Plotholium)
  • Ability to create white noise/TV static in real life
    • Ability to also create other colored noises as well as perlin noise.
  • Ability to create EMP blasts that disable electronics (Think of that one shitty Soldier rocket launcher)


  • NaN one time made Shoop da Whoop bug out, firing a laser back in time and Asploding Amelia Earhart while she was flying over the Pacific Ocean.
  • It rules over the Hammer Zone since Billy Mays is too lazy to.
  • NaN is close friends with BSoD.
  • NaN has 11037 pairs of chromosomes, and they're all computer errors.
  • NaN can delete the Recycle Bin.
  • NaN was once on Wheel of Fortune and was the first to spin. The next 29 minutes of the show consisted of everyone standing around awkwardly, waiting for the wheel to stop.
  • If NaN dies, another NaN will take it's place.
  • There are more forms of NaN, like qNaN and sNaN.
  • NaN is still friends with 1234567890.