NEDMgee is a Fakegee/Lolcat hybrid created when Weegee's stare, Happycat's NEDM, and NaN's glitch laser collided during Kittehlandia World War III, causing some catgirl civilian causality to become a weird Weegee/Happycat hybrid. He is one of the most evil things in the UnHyperverse, and is also invulnerable to 100% of things that exist. Somehow, he survived The end and beyond..., and eventually caused the UnHyperverse to explode.


  • Teleportation: Exactly what it says on the tin.
  • Invincibility: He is invincible to everything, even NaN. He can also respawn instantly.
  • Head Detach: His head can detach from his body, turn gigantic, and float around.
  • Lazers: He can shoot various types of lasers from his eyes, whether his head is attached or not.
  • Controlled Metabolism: NEDMgee will not get fat regardless of how many food items he eats, and will not become underweight if he doesn't eat.
  • NEDMgee Virus: When he stares at you from any direction, you instantly turn into a NEDMgee clone.
  • Thunder Powers: Obvious.
  • Shapeshifting: NEDMgee has the ability to shapeshift, and can change into many different forms. So far, 5 forms have been spotted... there is, however, a rumor about an "Invisible NEDMgee".
  • Time Travel: Again, exactly what it says on the tin.
  • Engineering Expertise: He can create machines with very little effort.
  • Energy Blasts: Not as powerful as Chuck Norris's, but still pretty powerful.

Advanced Powers

These can only be used in his Toon form or above.

  • Galaxy Destruction: Exactly what it says on the tin.
  • Zalgo Corruption: He may not look very Zalgo-y, but he still has this power for some reason.
  • Mindr@pe: 200% faster acting than the leading brand.
  • Mass Hypnosis: Again, exactly what it says on the tin.
  • Shoop da Whoop: More powerful than the versions utilized by Marx or Chuck Norriseegee.
  • Chaos Control: A REALLY awesome power. See the article for more info.

Things he has done

NEDMgee has done many things. Just to name a few, he has:

  • Bit off WaPo's head
  • Blown up a tank with only his hands
  • Installed an evil doorbell that has claimed 21 victims so far
  • Burned a dog alive
  • Operated a concentration camp


As a child... Well, (s)he was just a normal catgirl back then.... As an adult, the only friends he has are his WaGuy creations (WaNEDMgee, WaHappycat, WaCeiling Cat, WaBasement Cat, and WaNaN) , so he has a sad, sad life. But he is a cold-blooded killer, so he doesn't care.

Sometimes NEDMgee goes to parties, gladly not staring at anyone there. Once in a while, he goes to a club or a bar and has a drink or two. His favorite TV channel is QVC (he just looks for chainsaws).


  • Default Form: A near-omnipotent being that is almost impossible to defeat in battle. Surprisingly, this is the weakest form of NEDMgee.
  • Toon Form: A more-than-omnipotent being that is super-impossible to defeat in battle. Surprisingly, this is the second-weakest form of NEDMgee.
  • Hyper Form: The third-most-powerful form. Was the leader of the Weegee Empire for a while. This form is indestructible as well as immortal, and can only be defeated by Nobody.
  • Demigod Form: An alleged downgrade from the Hyper Form, this form has two traits that make it better: its durability and its pure awesomeness. What it loses in brute strength, it makes up for in durability; it is super ultra hyper impossible to hurt or kill.
  • Final Form: Not much is known about this form, other than it can divide entire galaxies by zero.

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