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NEDM White Hole

The NEDM White Hole is a white hole made out of NEDM Energy. It orbits the NEDM Black Hole where Lilith and Noom once were. It spits out alternate versions of things sucked into the NEDM Black Hole. It may be connected to some "NEEM Black Hole" somewhere in an alternate universe; likewise, the NEDM Black Hole may be connected to an NEEM White Hole.


It was created by Happycat when he absorbed the last bit of NaN's power from the NEDM Black Hole, and then glitch-lazered the Black Hole using that power, causing it to spit out NaN's corpse. The corpse created a strong gravity well, which Happycat NEDMed to create a white hole. The next day, ’ popped out of the white hole.

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