NEDM Bomb explosion

The result of an NEDM Bomb explosion.

The NEDM Bomb is a very deadly weapon, created by capturing the raw energy from Happycat's NEDM attack and storing it in a nuclear missile. Only 4 countries have NEDM Bombs: the Weegee Empire (the first to develop them), the Bowser Empire (which stole the plans from Weegee and traveled back in time so that they would technically be the first), the Ducky Empire (which modified its Snowtomic Bombs to store NEDM energy), and Pumkin World (which stole some from the Bowser Empire). However, they have not (yet) been used, which is good, because a single NEDM-blast could permakill NaN.

In the future, the immortal Billy Mays starts selling "affordable NEDM Bombs for everyone", starting Kittehlandia World War C, a war that collapsed Kittehlandia into the NEDM Black Hole.

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