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NEDM Black Hole

The NEDM Black Hole is what Kittehlandia collapsed into in the aftermath of Kittehlandia World War C.


In Kittehlandia World War C, everyone and their dog had NEDM Bombs, because Billy Mays had started selling "affordable NEDM Bombs for everyone". The war itself was caused by Bob the Builder using NEDM Cementygas, a version of Cementygas infused with NEDM Energy, to destroy several major cities. Several other countries or individuals involved in the war had their own unique NEDM weapons, including West Hyrule's NEDM Dinner Blaster, Sparta's NEDM Spartan Laser, the Ducky Empire's NEDM Snowtomic Bomb, the Weegee Empire's NEDM Blue Yoshi Virus spread by NEDM Weegee Clones, Teletubby Land's NEDM Death Star, and Dr. Robotnik's NEDM Promotion. When the war ended with several major military bases being NEDM Bombed, the planet simply couldn't take it anymore, and collapsed into a black hole of NEDM Energy. This black hole eventually sucked up Adult NaN (who had been called upon by West Lolcat Land to stop the carnage an hour before the planet collapsed, but arrived 5 minutes too late), permakilling her. Happycat was angry at this abuse of his energy, so he created an NEDM White Hole, which a new glitch goddess came out of the next day.

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