N. Sanity Island

A map of N. Sanity Island

N. Sanity Island is a nation that was made on an island. It is currently led by local moron Crash Bandicoot, and is one of the most successful countries to be ran by a mutated freak of an animal. It is also the sponsor of Sony, and we have reason to believe The thing in the corner is hiding here.


N. Sanity Island has been an island for thousands of years, ever since the guys in Sparta invaded, and threw their bombs at it. It split off from the rest of the continent. The Spartans left, and some lizards decided to sleep here for a while. When they woke up, the humans arrived, and ate them. The humans then took over because they hated the lizards.

N. Sanity Island was created, but the humans were too stupid to rule, so the half-human Neo Cortex took over. He enslaved the people of N. Sanity Island, and they were his slaves, and he enslaved them! N. Sanity Island was renamed Neo Cortex Rocks.

While Cortex was doing an experiment with a bandicoot, he accidentally made it smart enough to hate. It hated Cortex, and broke free. This bandicoot was Crash Bandicoot. He killed Cortex's minions, and then beat Cortex's face inside-out. Crash was crowned the king of N. Sanity Island.

Under the rule of Crash, N. Sanity Island has survived an entire war, taken control of Sony, expanded territory so there was enough room to walk, and created an era of peace. Oh, and Crash accidentally blows up the country on a regular basis, but that's not important.


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