Mystery's Face when eating something.

Mystery seahorse or Sir-Eats-a Lot or just Mystery is a green seahorse that loves Eating just like Some fat guy.She is friends with SpongeBob SquarePants (or so he thinks).She is named after why she eats everything. That's why she's called Mystery. She also eats flowers.

Her Rampage

When the yellow child met Mystery. She acted like a friend but in the end when he annoyed her, She gobbled him up. Then she ran off to the Krusty Krab and ate Mr. Krabs's Money.Mr Krabs is enemies with her now. Mystery then ate Squidward and then pooped him out. She then ate Bubble Buddy and went on a rampage through Bikini Bottom. Then after destroying Bikini bottom, She went to Teletubby Land and ate Tinky Winky and Dipsy.She went to the Mushroom Kingdom and wrecked the place. Mario was dead on the floor, Blood was on the ceiling. It was horrible. She then went back to bikini bottom. She spotted Mr Krabs who was looking at her angrily. Mystery and krabs had a big fight. Mystery won, of course. She just ate him. After that, She went to Sesame Street and killed some of The Elmo Gang except for Elmo and Oscar.Oscar then threw trash at her. She ate the trash. Then she ate Oscar and Elmo shot her in the neck. Her rampage is finally over!


When Elmo shot her, There was only one bullet in the gun, so She isn't dead. She ate Elmo and Ruled The world. She uses Idiot Manipulation to get more food. Then she was thirsty. So she gets a big bottle of Coke.The coke is poison but she didn't die, Being immortal.

Her eaten victims

During her rampage, she ate lotsa people.

She didn't eat Patrick Star who was actually smart for once and called the Police and threw her in The German Prison.


Not only she eats people, But her favorite food is a Krabby Patty.

SpongeBob's impression of her is Whee-Snaw

She is very similar to Baby Yoshi and Barney.

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